sacred lily pad underside



"LGBT" is an acronym which, as we all know, stands for lady gaga, bears, and twinks

what the fuck, how is this equal representation? wheres macklemore

I’m only interested in things while they’re still exciting. it’s why i don’t have a college major after 3 years and it’s why i’ll probably never get another boyfriend or at least hurt a lot of people in the process. or people could just stop having expectations of me, idk. 

gingerjustin: Cama, overall would you say that you are glad that we had a relationship?

I think we learned things about life and ourselves that we wouldn’t have without each other. I just wish you had a lot of the realizations you’re having of late a lot sooner and that I made the difference I’m making now while we were together, when it could have benefited both of us. Please keep going down the path you’re on because things will turn out so much better for you. Of course I’m glad. 

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